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Karl Muggeridge
Muggas: Not Shy


Check out what I've been up to between races.

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Hey Guys, Once again I’ve left the column until the last minute and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, which makes old LC’s job a little interesting at times. So sorry to rub salt into the wounds mate!

Chrissy has come and gone and Santa/Isabelle was extremely kind this year and I scored a new surf board which has been getting a fair bit of use. But Young Ryan has scored himself a bogy board /body Board from his uncle James catching at least a dozen waves every arvo which is pretty funny considering he looks like a flea on the thing. We all thought he was pretty skill-full until the other day when he discovered he was dead keen on brunettes and his true skills were to be unveiled. Without any hesitation and after a 20 meter long speed crawl across the beach he decided a gentle stroke of her hair to show his appreciation would be the go, right before perching himself snugly in her lap with his hand on her knee. She was clearly too old for him, I mean she was only six and they did look good together, but it just wasn’t to be. The seagulls were the next thing to catch his eye and off he went. It was such a classic moment!

New Years Eve was a bit of a shin dig and there was a couple too many Mojito’s consumed and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who to great the new year vowing “Never again!” The good news was that I was still able to meet my training commitments by the afternoon; there was a whole lot of panting going on though.

This winter I got my hands on a CRF 450 thank to Honda Australia, which has been great particularly since I haven’t ridden my race bike since November. I was pretty nervous rolling up to the local MX track particularly with all the latest and greatest gear and I’d not ridden a dirt bike since 1993. The first session I was pretty shaky, just trying to learn the track, the second was all about clearing all the jumps and by the third session, it was all about smoothing it all out. I felt really good by the time it was all over but then I had a total recall of why I don’t really love it that much and that’s the whole clean-up gig. Jet washing for starters, cleaning air filters maintenance etc.etc. It kinda takes the whole fun factor out of it. Its still bloody great fun though.

This winter I’ve been putting in a pretty serious effort into my training and nutrition and it’s been a huge learning curve to say the least. I pretty much run Ryan’s sleep times really early to bed, (except if I have a column to write) and up a sparrow’s fart either running or ride my pushy. It’s been pretty demanding but at this point I feel pretty good and I think I’ve got the training bug. Who’d of thought self punishment would be so much fun …!

I’ve heard its been pretty warm over in Europe lately and there isn’t much snow about but who knows what next week will bring I guess since as though we are racing at Donington in April Winter will finally decide to set in and we might be requiring a few snow ploughs at the track! (Is Donington actually open that time of the Year?)

In a couple of Days we have to wave good bye to the Sun, the sea and of course the shrimps on the Barby and head our way back to Europe. We have the team launch and presentation down in Sicilia – Sicily on the 25th and 26th which will also be combined with our testing. Two weeks later we will have another test down in Qatar for 2 days then the season begins.

We won’t have had much testing before the season but I’ve got a good crew, and it won’t be long until we can se how good we are! Stay tuned.

- Karl

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