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Karl Muggeridge
Catch me if you can!
December 2007
Check out what I've been up to between races.
Last time we caught up, I said I’d build you guys a sand castle and with our compulsory trip to the beach everyday I’ve built at least 500 and Ryan has demolished each and every one. I did try! Apart from our couple hours at the beach each days I’ve been keeping up the training every morning at day break, which  leaves pretty much the rest of the days to do what ever. And over the last few weeks I’ve basically been biting off all of my finger nails sorting out my employment for 2008. Our negotiations have finally drawn to an end and for 2008 I’ll be racing for the DFX team and Frankie Chilli will be in charge of making sure everything will be running smoothly and we get the best out of what we’ve got. It will be only the one rider (me) officially under the DFX banner but I believe we will be transporting another rider’s equipment but they won’t be consuming any of our budget. This is an important factor because we have the budget to run one rider correctly with all the parts and manpower so this gives a real fighting chance.

I’m really looking forward to working with Frankie and now can’t wait until I can throw a leg over the new machine. At eh moment we are scheduled to get out on the track in mid January, mainly due to the late arriving bikes from Honda. Hopefully they come before Christmas!


A couple of weeks ago we bought a season pass to the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary and its not just birds like the name suggests its pretty much all the Australian animals (Emus, Koalas, Crocodiles, Dingos, Snakes, Spiders and of course Kagaroos.) There’s a whole lot more but you get the picture! In the Emu and Kangaroo enclosure you can wonder around amongst them and feed them this food which comes from a dispenser and looks a lot like rat sack! Half of the roos have little ones on the way and the other day one of the little springers took his first excursion outside the pouch and Ryan decided he’d like to pick him up! The intension was there but he just didn’t quite have the legs following him around with his arms stretched out! That was until the ranger saw him! The other big attraction for Ryan is the huge 7 meter salt water Crocodile otherwise known as Croco ! I’m not sure why he digs him so much he doesn’t do anything, he just lays there!


Next week we are heading up to the Sunshine Coast to see my sister, her family and my brother and his misses. While we’re up there we’ll drop into the Australian Zoo, which is Steve Ervin’s park the “crocodile man”! We’re sure to see some Crocodiles in action up there.


This Chrissie we’re doing lunch up at Mum & Dad’s, they’re only a couple of kilometres away so there’s no extra driving to be done. Most people do seafood for Christmas but there’s still al lot who opt for the traditional Roast Dinner with all the trimmings. My Brother and Sister and I have been trying to integrate a bit of seafood every year. Mainly due to the fact that consuming a huge roast dinner on Christmas day when it’s 30° C out-side doesn’t really hit the spot. I can’t be sure what we’ll get this year at Mum and Dad’s but what I’m completely sure of is that we will al eat and drink far too much. On Boxing day my parents have rented a boat for the day, it’s more like a party pontoon complete with a CD player, I think a toilet and of course a BBQ. So if we don’t get any seafood on Christmas days we’re sure to get our fill out on the river. I guess we’ll stock up on prawns etc before we head out cause the fishing rods will be more for show, I mean we might drop a line out or two but the chances of actually landing some fresh fish are pretty low. I’m sure it will be a great day with some cool tunes good food just drifting down the river sipping away on a cold one!


I best leave on that note, before I get too carried away!


Till next month, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.  Cya Karl

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